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Surgery Wellness Program

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As of July 1, 2018 the Surgery Wellness Clinic at UCSF Mt. Zion is no longer accepting referrals.  We are in the process of combining clinical services with the Prepare Clinic to ensure you are ready for surgery. We will make an announcement in the near future when the new clinical service is available.

Our dedicated care team provides individualized care for older patients undergoing surgery. At the UCSF Surgery Wellness Clinic, our multidisciplinary team of dietitians, physical and occupational therapists design individual programs to help patients get fit for surgery.

Our geriatrician and palliative care specialists assist patients and their families with advanced directives and helping older patients articulate their treatment goals. In the hospital, our care pathways are designed to enhance recovery and prevent debilitating events such as delirium, falls, and pressure ulcers that can result pain and disability after surgery. We pay special attention to facilitating a safe transition to home after surgery so that older adults can continue their recovery and maintain independence.

Get Fit for Surgery: Why Does It Matter? 

  • If you are stronger and healthier before surgery, it will be easier to recover, and get back to your usual activities. 

Before Your Clinic Visit

  • Your surgeon referred you to our clinic because he or she thinks you could benefit from extra preparation before surgery. 
  • Please fill out our questionnaire so that we can create a pre-surgery program that fits your specific needs. 

During Your Clinic Visit

You will spend about an 90 minutes at the clinic, meeting with the our multidisciplinary team of professionals

  • A geriatrician will assess your risk of confusion after surgery and help you determine your goals for surgery. 
  • An occupational therapist will assess your home situation and anticipate post-surgery needs. 
  • A physical therapist will create an individualized strengthening program. 
  • A nutritionist will assess your nutrition and may recommend diet changes or supplements before surgery. 
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